Denver’s Best DJs Turn Up The Heat In Winter

Denver’s Best DJs are Bringing The Heat This Winter to a party near you! The First snow in Denver is now falling and the huge white snowflakes coming down reminds us that Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve are all just around the corner. Every year Denver’s Best DJs turns up the heat during the winter months with hot holiday parties, company events, school parties and dances throughout the Halloween, Black Friday and Christmas season.

You can find us at fashions shows and parties in LODO, Larimer Square, Westminster, Aurora, Colorado Mills mall, Parker and all around the Denver Metro Area. In addition to all the private parties and wedding dj services, last year we provided Holiday parties, New Year’s Parties, Store Promotions, events and Christmas Parties for King Soopers, Larimer Group, Denver Public Schools and more.

We perform amazing DJ services for all types of Holiday parties, fashion shows, store promotions, school dances and more. Make sure to book your DJ early this year. Email Denver’s Best DJs at or call / text 1-303-995-0875

Denver's Best DJs Christmas Party And Holiday Party DJ Entertainment Denver Colorado
Denver’s Best DJs Christmas Party And Holiday Party DJ Entertainment Denver Colorado

New Year’s Resolutions

Make Your Resolutions Work For You

Every year we make resolutions we plan on keeping, big life changes we plan to make, small and large goals to make our lives better. Some people want to quit smoking others want to lose weight and yet others want to achieve financial freedom. But for most of us, no matter how good intentions are at the start of the year by the end of the year we look back and realize that we let many of those resolutions slip by and after a while we just kind of give up on making any New Year’s Resolutions at all. After-all, what is the point if we are only going to break them or ignore them? The New year marks the renewal of our lives and goals. That is why Gym sign ups and Martial Arts Dojo sign ups are at an all time high during the month of January. But by February and definitely March (Beware The Ides of March) actual attendance has dropped way down. And a bunch of people have signed a year long contract just to use one or 2 months. The Gyms count on this influx, if everyone that signed up showed up all the time there would be too many people for the amount of machines, lucky of them people may have good intentions but always find excuses to not go.

“If it’s important to you, you will find a way! If it’s not you will find an excuse”

The reality is, writing down your New Year’s Resolutions is a good habit that helps solidify your future goals in your mind and conscience and makes them more powerful and more achievable.

Writing down your resolutions give you a clear goal you are working towards and a good reminder of what you want to strive for.

With a clearer picture you can then take smaller actionable steps towards that goal and at the end of the year you can look back and see which ones you were able to achieve and which still need work.

New year's Resolutions from Year To Year to accomplish the goals of the previous year because I promised them the year before that
New year’s Resolutions from Year To Year to accomplish the goals of the previous year because I promised them the year before that

If you tend to set way too lofty goals each time and never feel like you accomplish anything then try instead setting up a few experiments, small changes and smaller goals to reach throughout the year. With experiments we have a general expected result but know there could be variations and don’t expect a rigid set of results. In this way experiments are more fun to implement as they come with fun surprises along the way, we then take note of the results and adjust our next actions and next smaller goals to create the next set of experiments. Smaller goals are achievable, keep the big goals within sight but make sure to accomplish your smaller goals on the road to the bigger overall goals. By being more specific with smaller actionable goals you will find much greater success overall. Good luck in 2018, may you achieve some of your lofty goals!

PS: If one of your big goals is to get married this year or next year and you want to make sure you have a great set of DJs for your wedding make sure you give a call at 303-995-0875 or email

PPS: If you want something fun and exciting to do to get fit you might want to try Shaolin Kung Fu and hey at least there it won;t cost as much and will be more entertaing and fun engaging your mind and body check it out at 

New Year's evolution of Resolutions
New Year’s resolutions Be Nice To My Wife I mean Ex Wife, Lose Weight, Get Fit Stand Up To My Boss, Find a New Job LOL New Year’s evolution of Resolutions


Motivational Posters If it's important to you, you will find a way, if it's not you will find an excuse
Motivation: If it’s important to you, you will find a way, if it’s not you will find an excuse

This Year Make New Year’s Eve Epic With An Epic DJ

Epic New Year’s Eve DJs!

New Year’s Eve is one of those special days when almost every DJ is booked to do a party and finding an amazing DJ for New year’s can be hard if you wait too long. We have quite a few awesome DJs that always deliver epic parties on New Year’s Eve (and all year round for that matter) If you still haven’t booked your New Year’s Eve Party DJ contact Denver’s Best DJs at 1-303-995-0875 or email

NYE DJs Denver's Best DJs For New Year's Eve and All Your Holiday Parties
Hire Denver’s Best DJs For New Year’s Eve, Christmas and All Your Holiday Parties 303-995-0875


Denver's Best DJs 800x600 Logo Design with Breaking Records in the shape of a DBD
Denver’s Best DJs 800×600 Logo Design with Breaking Records in the shape of a DBD

Book Your DJ As Soon As Possible!

Denver’s Best DJs Provides the best DJ services to make sure your New Year’s Eve Party and Holiday Parties are an absolute blast from start to finish. Our Team of professional DJs will keep your guests dancing and fully entertained the entire night through! Make sure to book your DJ as early as possible! 303-995-0875

Holiday Parties Are Better With Great DJs

Great DJs Make for Great Holiday Parties!

Any holiday party, be it a Christmas Party, winter festival, winter wedding, store promotion, school party or company holiday party, is always much better when you have a great DJ leading the way. Our DJs make parties come alive with an exciting mix of great music and remixes that get people dancing and moving. This Christmas and holiday season Hire the Best! Give the DJs of Denver’s Best DJ a call at 303-995-0875 or email and book one of Denver’s Best DJs today

Denver's Best DJs Christmas Party And Holiday Party DJ Entertainment Denver Colorado
Denver’s Best DJs Christmas Party And Holiday Party DJ Entertainment Denver Colorado

If you have an upcoming School Dance, Wedding, store promotion or corporate party make sure to hire the best DJs in Colorado. Denver’s Best DJs always has you covered with our team of amazing DJs and entertainment professionals. Give us a call / text / or email today at 303-995-0875 or 

Winter Wedding Fun with Denver’s Best DJs

Denver’s Best DJs: Denver Colorado’s Number One source for the best entertainment and budget friendly DJ services, photography services and entertainment.

Denver's Best DJs 800x600 Logo Design with Breaking Records in the shape of a DBD
Denver’s Best DJs 800×600 Logo Design with Breaking Records in the shape of a DBD

Labor Day White Party DJs

School has begun for most people in Denver and Labor Day for most marks the official end of Summer. As summer comes to a close some people prefer to close it out with a bang! A huge end of Summer last hurrah Labor Day Weekend Blow Out Party! And for those people we offer amazing DJs to handle all your Labor Day Parties, Birthdays and Back Yard Barbeque Parties. Give us a call to schedule your DJ at your party.

At Denver's Best DJs Our DJ Equipment is top of the Line like This Pioneer DJM S9 Mixer
At Denver’s Best DJs Our DJ Equipment is top of the Line like This Pioneer DJM S9 Mixer

PS: Schools, now that you are all in session again don’t forget it’s time to start hiring Denver’s Best DJs for all your back to school needs including Halloween Parties, Homecoming, Fall dance, Winter Parties, and even start planning Prom now!

Give us a call at 1-303-995-0875 or email now to book your event DJ today!

Great 4th of July DJs

Book An Amazing DJ For The 4th of July

The 4th of July is almost here and here at Denver’s Best DJs we still have a few awesome DJs available for amazing 4th of July Parties. Book now to make your 4th of July as spectacular as the Fireworks that will light up the skies.

This 4th of July you can find many of our DJs in the clubs, at Pool parties and at various backyard Barbecues playing the best music and mixing the best mixes in the city. If you are still in need of A DJ for 4th of July or for any of your summer parties, summer weddings, pool parties or birthday celebrations book your DJ quickly at or call / text 1-303-995-0875

Our amazing DJs always aim to please. Book Denver’s Best DJs now for a spectacular 4th of July! 1-303-995-0875 or email us at 

July 4th Independence Day DJs in Denver Colorado
July 4th Independence Day DJs in Denver Colorado 303-995-0875


Why Book Us? We Are Denver’s Best DJs And You Will Hear The Difference When You Hire The Best!

We are Denver’s Best DJs and we serve the Denver Metro area, Arvada, Aurora, Commerce City, Central City, Littleton, Broomfield, Boulder, Colorado Springs, Pueblo, La Junta, Parker, Vail, Lakewood, Westminster, Loveland, Castle Rock, Golden, Evergreen, Lone Tree and all of Colorado. We also can be booked to travel to other states with added flights and hotel or travel expenses. Let us show you why we are The Best DJs in Denver! Call 1-303-995-0875 for a free consultation and Book your DJ Today. 

How To Make Your Wedding Fun

What Exactly Makes A Wedding Fun?

A fun wedding is usually a wedding where most of the guests interact and get involved with the festivities. This is a celebration afterall. You just married your dream husband or bride and are taking another big step into your lives together and you want your guests to celebrate this moment with you. The best way to do that is through “Interpretive Dance” Just kidding! But seriously, dancing and partying together is one of the main ways we celebrate weddings, birthdays and just about any great festive moment in life. The more entertained your guests are the more fun they will have at your wedding and thus the more fun you will have at your reception.

fun new years eve wedding with great djs
A Fun New Year’s Eve Wedding

Entertainment Is The Lifeblood of Any Event!

Most fun weddings usually start with great entertainment. Entertainment is one of the biggest factors in the making of a fun wedding. Everyone has a much better time when the entertainment for your wedding is on point and a great DJ goes a long way in making your wedding fun and enjoyable for everyone. People get up and dance, have a good time, and get along better when everyone else seems to be having fun.

Denver’s Best DJs Will Take Care of Your Wedding Party Whether It’s here in Colorado or around the world!

We definitely have you covered with great DJs and great entertainment. When you Hire Denver’s Best DJs you know you are hiring the best and can rest assured that we will take care of all your entertainment needs and keep your party moving in a timely manner while keeping everybody happy and well entertained. If you need us to fly out to your location we can do that, we work with various vendors and sound supply companies to match the sound and lighting you need. Travel, lodging and sound system and lighting rental fees will apply for all out of state events that require travel, rental and lodging.

Email or call 303-995-0875 to book your wedding DJ today!.

Keep Them Well Fed!

Another huge factor in keeping your wedding guests happy is making sure they enjoy their food. Keep them all well fed, Hire a good catering company for your wedding and make sure they stay on schedule or slightly ahead so that people have time to enjoy their food and also enjoy the party itself. You don’t have to overstuff them, you do want them to party with you after all and not just sit at their tables so stuffed they can’t move LOL. Bite sized appetizers and a main course work just fine for most weddings. Some Asian weddings are known to have full on 7 to 9 course meals, I’ve been to quite a few of these and personally feel they could skip 3 or 4 of the meals as most people are only excited about the main 3 or 4 of them anyway.

Remember The Wedding Cake?

Remember that wedding cake you took so much time to pick out? Yeah, remember to leave both room and time for your guests to enjoy it! Keep them well fed, but don’t feed the bears LOL, Don’t put your guests into hibernation mode by over feeding them! Leave some room for dessert / cake!

Be Involved In Your own Wedding

The Bride and Groom that get up and party tend to bring the party out in their guests as well. Your guests know it’s your party, it’s your wedding, they wait for social cues from you. If you aren’t up partying they too will follow suite and remain seated, they see you get up on the dancefloor having a good time and they tend to follow along. Be social, hug people, grab your aunt’s hand and drag her to the dancefloor if you have to! Get the party going early as it will be over faster than you know and you want to have enjoyed it from start to finish.

DJ Gets the Bride and Groom to Party On The Dancefloor With Wedding Guests on New Years Eve
Wedding DJ Tip! When The Bride And Groom Get Down On The Dancefloor So Do The Guests! New year’s Wedding Party – Happy New Year!

Those Magical Keepsake Moments Need to Be Captured in Photos and Video!

When it’s all said and done you also want to be sure you have captured the best moments of your ultra fun and exciting wedding with great Photography and if possible a great wedding videographer. This is one of those other points people wish they had paid more attention to when hiring their photographer or videographer.

Valentine’s Day DJs Proposals And Weddings

Many Schools and Nightclubs throw Valentines Day Parties, fashion shows and pageants in February. We have great DJs to make sure your Valentine’s Day parties are fun and entertaining.
Give us a Call/ text at 303-995-0875
We also know that New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day are two of the big holidays that men and women chose to propose to their significant other. And once she / he says yes… the wedding planning starts shortly after. At which point it is important to realize that your entertainment is one of the biggest factors that will determine how enjoyable and entertaining your wedding reception is. Shortly after your engagement is a great time to start booking your future wedding DJ, lighting and entertainment specialist.
Heart and Candle Light Valentine's Day Proposal with Champagne, Chocolate and Roses
Heart and Candle Light Valentine’s Day Proposal with Champagne, Chocolate and Roses
If you are looking for a great DJ then you’ve come to the right place! You can count on the  professionals at to keep your party moving and make it the most entertaining event it can be with great music, amazing mixes and hot exclusive remixes. Most DJs just don’t compare. Schedule your free consultation today or email us your details to
Romantic Valentines day gift Chocolates, candles and Roses
Romantic Valentines day Chocolates, candles and Roses
If you are looking for a great DJ then you’ve come to the right place! You can count on the  professionals at to keep your party moving and make it the most entertaining event it can be with great music, amazing mixes and hot exclusive remixes. Most DJs just don’t compare. Schedule your free consultation today or email us your details to
DJs Receive Rose pedals In Shape Of Heart
Our Amazing DJs Receive Valentines Day Roses In The Shape of a Heart because Our Couple Loved their Valentine’s Day Party DJs
PS: For Promoters and nightclubs that need amazing Valentine’s Day flyer designs for their upcoming valentine’s day parties and other parties throughout the year we have a great graphic design hook up for you at and at email the design team at :

Denver’s Best DJs

Denver’s Best DJs is a collective of amazing DJs Based out of the Denver Colorado Metropolitan area that specialize in creating amazing mixes and experiences for all types of major events.  Together we do a great deal of Store and Restaurant Promotion events, weddings, holiday parties, corporate events and company parties , proms, sweet sixteens, pool parties and more.

Our DJs will make your next event an incredible experience that all your guests will enjoy. Give us a call at 303-995-0875 or email 

Prom DJs To Make Prom Spectacular

Prom is almost here and Prom Committees everywhere are scrambling to get the theme’s, decor and entertainment all lined up to create Epic Prom Parties.  Out of all the elements that make up a prom the one thing that will most likely make the biggest difference is the entertainment. If you haven’t locked down an amazing DJ for your prom call or email us immediately! 303-995-0875
Our goal is to make sure your prom is the best prom it can be!
Denver’s Best DJs is Colorado’s premier DJ and lighting service! We are Denver’s Best DJs and we take our jobs seriously,  we live to entertain and we do our job well, so well in fact that you will wonder why you ever hired anyone else in the past and what were those sad clowns doing anyway?
Denver’s Best DJs, leading the way in Denver’s Prom Entertainment since 1992!
PS: Don’t forget us throughout the year as well, for all your School DJ party needs. We cater amazing DJ services for  Homecoming, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Prom, Back to School and End of School year parties. And of Course we can also do a great job if you need a private party for your Birthday, sweet 16 parties, pool parties or any occasion at any venue or even your home if you want to throw a huge house party as well.
Denver's Best DJs Wedding and Event DJs Logo Design
Denver’s Best DJs Logo