DJ Emir of Denver’s Best DJs The Official DJ for The 57th Annual Denver St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Thanks to DJ Dangerous Dan, We represented big time in Denver’s 57th Annual St. Patrick’s Day festival with one of our personal favorite DJs, DJ Emir Santana as the official hosting DJ for the St Patrick’s Day parade. DJ Emir was the DJ for the very first float of the parade in charge of starting the parade the right way. And boy did he ever!

Emir threw in special remixes of Bruno Mars 24K Magic, rewinding and scratching back in the Put your Pinky fingers to the M..M…Moon a few times and hyping up the crowd when we heard the announcer at the grandstand say: “NOW THAT’s HOW YOU START A PARADE!” DJ Emir also threw in Doobie Brothers “Long Train running”, AC/DC Shook Me All Night Long remix, Post Malone Sunflower, One Republic “Good Life” and rewound “to Colorado… Colorado.. Scratch, Scratch Colorado..” a few times and a ton of great songs throughout the One hour St. Patrick’s Day Parade route. It was definitely a very fun and lively start to the parade.

DJ Emir said he was originally a little worried that he may not be able to use the full turntable setup on a moving semi truck bed and had planned on switching between relative and internal mode on Serato if the ride got too bumpy to avoid the songs skipping but apparently the 4 Green terry-cloth towels he bought to put under the turntables were enough to negate the bumps in the road and he was able to use the turntables in normal turntable mode to make the start of the parade as dynamic and amazing as it possibly could be. It turned out awesome and the weather worked out great with a sunny semi-warm day even after the huge Bomb Cyclone snow storm a few days earlier. We’re glad we could be a part of this epic event and look forward to providing DJs and sound to many more events like this in the future. Book your DJs now at 303-995-0875 or email denversbestdjs

DJ Emir of Denver's Best DJs Official DJ Denver St. Patrick's Day Parade on Technics 1200 Turntables with Beats By Dre Pro Headphones
DJ Emir of Denver’s Best DJs the Official DJ for The 57th Annual Denver St. Patrick’s Day Parade seen here with full turntable set up on the very first float of the parade as it starts rolling out. Time to get the party started right!

2022 Update: The following Two St Patrick’s Day Parade’s were unfortunately Canceled due to Coronavirus, In fact, the 2020 Parade was one of the first major events canceled and pretty much marked the first week of Lockdowns in The Denver Colorado metro Area, the next few weeks and months would change the lives of many for years to come. Highways and streets would be empty for the next few weeks, animals would start venturing in closer to urban areas now that cars were staying off the streets for the most part and people were staying inside, which was in a way a mistake we should have continued outdoor events as people need sun and fresh air to strengthen their health and immunity. I myself discovered the beautiful trails behind my home and started walking along them on a regular basis. With less people out there animals started crossing the path even more frequently I would spot deer, coyotes and finally an eye to eye encounter with a huge 15 foot Bull-snake just 20 feet away from the red Tailed hawk trail playground. Just 4 feet away from me it stood up 5 feet tall as I was walking past it suddenly I found myself face to face with it, looking me in my eyes. He probably became huge eating all the little prairie dogs that live in this area. He looked big enough to eat my little boy which is why I kind of just tried to protect Emerson as we backed up and walked away. Still I could have started the phone recording after we were a certain distance. This snake was amazing. I should have recorded it but I was also a little bit freaked out, I kick myself for not recording it all the time as I see it in my head all the time. I hate snakes but this one was gorgeous a beautiful orange, black and yellow snake that stood 5 feet tall staring me in the face, an incredible encounter probably never to happen again.

Picture of a snake similar to the one I Encountered On Red Tailed Hawk Trail Aurora Cherry Creek Colorado The One I saw was much bigger

In any case, the event cancellations lasted a year, but it felt like two years as far as the St. Patrick’s Day Parade was concerned since their event was the first to be cancelled it was a year later and they still were uncertain whether it would be safe yet to do a huge event. So it wouldn’t be until 2022 when we would finally return. Felt pretty big so we showed up in a full suit in 2022. And even though it was snowing the few days before the St Patrick’s Day Parade 2022 luckily, the snow stopped and the sun came out and melted much of the snow just in time for the parade.

DJ Emir Santana of Denver's Best DJs on the First Float Committee Float of the St Patrick's Day Parade in full silver suit with green shirt

You can see a small portion of the performance in the following Clip but the original Clip I tried to post was removed for Copyright reasons as I was mixing a ton of songs.

DJ Emir of Denver's best DJs on the First Float Committee Float of the St Patrick's Day Parade

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