Charity Fundraiser Event DJs

Charities and events make more money when they hire great DJs! When people have fun and are in a good mood they tend to spend more and donate more to charity. Because of our amazing DJs Our events consistently see record breaking donations and record breaking sales at both Charitable functions and regular events, concerts and nightclubs as well. From local High School, Middle School, College and Elementary school charity and fund raising drives to national charity fund raising and donation pledge events we do it all in style and make each event fun and exciting for young and old alike. Our most cherished compliments and quotes just happen to come from two separate charity events both held in the very same room, The Citrus room at the DoubleTree Hotel DTC just a few years apart!

The first quote was “You’re amazing! I never knew DJs Could DJ LIKE THAT!!!” and then at the CASA Casino Night Prom themed Charity Fund Raiser event on Friday April 29th 2022 one of the lovely ladies pictured below said “You’re killing it on the turntables!!!” so we let them have a little photo shoot behind the turntables and hooked them up with DJ Emir Mixtapes

We went all out like usual and even before the lights were dimmed we made sure people were having an amazing time and just went in on the turntables from start to finish, that’s what we do, that’s why we are known as Denver’s Best DJs! Book Denver Colorado’s Top DJs now at

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CASA Casino Night Prom Themed Charity Fundraiser for CASA Court Appointed Special Advocates (for Children)
DJ Emir Santana Behind The Turntables at CASA Prom themed Charity Fundraiser Event at the DoubleTree Hotel Denver Tech Center
Denver's Best DJs Logo Providing Exceptional DJs for All Colorado and The World
Denver’s Best DJs Provides Exceptional DJs for All Colorado And The World

While we do understand most charity and fundraising events are trying to keep their initial costs down and are looking for volunteers in many areas, DJs should not be a cost cutting area. Just like with weddings, your entertainment, sound and lighting are a huge part of the success of any event. That is not where you want to try and cut costs. We provide exceptional DJ services and sound system and we will help you make more money, however we also need to cover our own costs, time and effort. Even as a non profit charity you pay for a venue, you pay for catering and other services and are still able to raise money through the event. We’d love to pay our landlord with “exposure” but he said no.

Our Event pricing for most Charity events and Fundraiser events run $1500 for the entire night. This includes Lights Sound and an amazing DJ and MC with a wireless microphone. We often help raise $48,000-280,000 in one night (a very typical set of numbers for many charitable and fundraising events we’ve done in the past) Keep in mind A DJ will often have to turn down other high paying gigs like weddings, corporate parties and special events to honor any agreement or event they already committed to. You will more than make up the difference when you hire us as you will get the best of the best and with happy guests you get better donations and a better turnout at future events! We will gladly donate quite a few of our world famous mixtapes at your events as well!

Check out the pictures and video from The CASA Charity Fundraiser Auction event below! A very elegant Corporate Party and fundraiser event featuring Denver’s Best DJs! Everyone had a great time, we received multiple compliments and many people got to take home a DJ Emir Mixtape or 2 including his Michael Jackson Mixtape

Tyga Make it Dip Exclusive Reggae Remix Into Staying Alive into 24K Magic Put Your Pinky Fingers To the Moon
This is early on in the night before the lights went down and the night really popped off
towards the end of the night One of The beautiful ladies at the event said “You Killed It On the Turntables Tonight!!!”
Big Energy, Bad Chick, I can be Your Fantasy
Dropping a classic gem a reworked and remixed Hip Hop Classic Rakim I Know You Got Soul Over Tambourine Beat