How To Make Your Wedding Fun

What Exactly Makes A Wedding Fun?

A fun wedding is usually a wedding where most of the guests interact and get involved with the festivities. This is a celebration afterall. You just married your dream husband or bride and are taking another big step into your lives together and you want your guests to celebrate this moment with you. The best way to do that is through “Interpretive Dance” Just kidding! But seriously, dancing and partying together is one of the main ways we celebrate weddings, birthdays and just about any great festive moment in life. The more entertained your guests are the more fun they will have at your wedding and thus the more fun you will have at your reception.

fun new years eve wedding with great djs
A Fun New Year’s Eve Wedding

Entertainment Is The Lifeblood of Any Event!

Most fun weddings usually start with great entertainment. Entertainment is one of the biggest factors in the making of a fun wedding. Everyone has a much better time when the entertainment for your wedding is on point and a great DJ goes a long way in making your wedding fun and enjoyable for everyone. People get up and dance, have a good time, and get along better when everyone else seems to be having fun.

Denver’s Best DJs Will Take Care of Your Wedding Party Whether It’s here in Colorado or around the world!

We definitely have you covered with great DJs and great entertainment. When you Hire Denver’s Best DJs you know you are hiring the best and can rest assured that we will take care of all your entertainment needs and keep your party moving in a timely manner while keeping everybody happy and well entertained. If you need us to fly out to your location we can do that, we work with various vendors and sound supply companies to match the sound and lighting you need. Travel, lodging and sound system and lighting rental fees will apply for all out of state events that require travel, rental and lodging.

Email or call 303-995-0875 to book your wedding DJ today!.

Keep Them Well Fed!

Another huge factor in keeping your wedding guests happy is making sure they enjoy their food. Keep them all well fed, Hire a good catering company for your wedding and make sure they stay on schedule or slightly ahead so that people have time to enjoy their food and also enjoy the party itself. You don’t have to overstuff them, you do want them to party with you after all and not just sit at their tables so stuffed they can’t move LOL. Bite sized appetizers and a main course work just fine for most weddings. Some Asian weddings are known to have full on 7 to 9 course meals, I’ve been to quite a few of these and personally feel they could skip 3 or 4 of the meals as most people are only excited about the main 3 or 4 of them anyway.

Remember The Wedding Cake?

Remember that wedding cake you took so much time to pick out? Yeah, remember to leave both room and time for your guests to enjoy it! Keep them well fed, but don’t feed the bears LOL, Don’t put your guests into hibernation mode by over feeding them! Leave some room for dessert / cake!

Be Involved In Your own Wedding

The Bride and Groom that get up and party tend to bring the party out in their guests as well. Your guests know it’s your party, it’s your wedding, they wait for social cues from you. If you aren’t up partying they too will follow suite and remain seated, they see you get up on the dancefloor having a good time and they tend to follow along. Be social, hug people, grab your aunt’s hand and drag her to the dancefloor if you have to! Get the party going early as it will be over faster than you know and you want to have enjoyed it from start to finish.

DJ Gets the Bride and Groom to Party On The Dancefloor With Wedding Guests on New Years Eve
Wedding DJ Tip! When The Bride And Groom Get Down On The Dancefloor So Do The Guests! New year’s Wedding Party – Happy New Year!

Those Magical Keepsake Moments Need to Be Captured in Photos and Video!

When it’s all said and done you also want to be sure you have captured the best moments of your ultra fun and exciting wedding with great Photography and if possible a great wedding videographer. This is one of those other points people wish they had paid more attention to when hiring their photographer or videographer.

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